Chapter 1. The Ontology of Consciousness
1.1. Clarifying the problem
1.2. Plato’s ontology
1.3. Attempted solutions in physics
1.4. The eidos-navigator
1.5. Getting inside the navigator
Chapter 2. The Mathematical Model of Bipolar Choice and Its Testing
2.1. The mathematical model
2.2. Categorizing stimuli
2.3. The Golden section phenomena in choice and categorization
2.4. Altruism
2.5. Bipolar choice in birds and animals
Chapter 3. The Physical Model and Its Testing
3.1. Heat engine
3.2. Two laws of psychophysics
3.3. Generating musical intervals
Appendix I. Abstract Heat Engines
Appendix II. On Self-Reflexive and Self-Organizing Systems
Appendix III. Matching by Fixing and Sampling: A Local Model Based on     
Internality (coauthored with Federico Sanabria)