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Vladimir A. Lefebvre, "Sketch of Reflexive Game Theory."
Proceeding. Workshop on Multi-Reflexive Models of Agent Behavior, 1998, pp. 1-42.
This work gives a short description of the theory of agents endowed with
reflexion and some applications of this theory for modeling human choice.
Unlike classical game theory, this theory has been constructed for prediction
of the agents' real choices rather than the optimal decision making.
Vladimir A. Lefebvre, “The Cosmic Function of Awareness: An Attempt at
Teleological Analysis”.
Unpublished manuscript, 1998.
At issue is a possible cosmic function of consciousness. The hypothesis is
proposed that consecutive acts of self-awareness may prolong the time a
cosmic system is able to exist. This hypothesis is based on a recently-found
formal parallel between the mathematical model of the reflexive subject and
a simple ideal thermodynamic process. It is speculated that human awareness
is the "embryo" of a cosmic cognitive process whose thermodynamic
character has yet to manifest itself. Similar mechanisms may be found using
astronomical methods. A particular cosmic object is indicated whose study
has yielded the relations predicted by the formal model.
Vladimir A. Lefebvre, “Reflexive Games and Multi-Reflexive Systems.”
Proceedings of the 1997 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Semiotics a
learning perspective : ISAS '97, Gaithersburg, MD, September 22-25
, 1997, pp. 1-13.
This paper describes a schematization of the processes of awareness using
concepts of reflexive games and multi-reflexive systems and examines the
idea of reflexive control.
Vladimir A. Lefebvre, "The Anthropic Principle in Psychology
and Human Choice."
PSYCOLOQUY, 1995, Vol 6 No. 29.
A model of a subject facing a choice of an alternative out of a set is
introduced in this paper. The model ties together three aspects of human
activity: behavioral, mental, and neural-computational. Parameters of this
model cannot be estimated experimentally. Thus, a problem arises of
determining them by means of theoretical considerations. Similar problems
appeared in cosmology as well: the values of the fundamental constants
necessary for constructing models of the Universe cannot be determined
empirically. One possible solution is to use the "anthropic principle," that is,
an abstract statement which allows narrowing the number of combinations of
values. We show that a similar methodological gambit can be used in
psychology. We formulate an abstract statement and find the parameters of
the model with its help. Here we establish the relation of this model to other
theories of choice and to experimental psychology. Then we demonstrate
that our model is formally isomorphic to the process of gradual minimization
of work lost by a heat engine system. The existence of such an isomorphism
supports a hypothesis that mental phenomena are related to
macro-characteristics of an ensemble of neuron states.
Vladimir A. Lefebvre, “Comment on ‘The Wake-Sleep Algorithm for
Unsupervised Neural Network’, by G. E. Hinton, P. Dayan, B. J. Frey, and
R. M Neal, Sciemce, 1995, Vol. 268, May 26."
Univesity of California, Irvine, IMBS, 1995, No. 95-13 (in English).
"One Type of Forming Expedient Behavior."
Problems in Bionics, 1967, pp. 298-299 (in Russian).
The author suggests a hypothesis that dreams serve forming special types of